About Jimmy Lane and the drum lesson studio in Westport, CT


My Background


Jimmy Lane is a drummer, drum teacher and the founder of Westport Music Lessons. He began taking drum lessons at age 12 and has been actively playing, teaching (and learning!) ever since. In 1995, He began teaching at Merritt Music of New Canaan CT. Demand grew rapidly, and soon a private music lessons facility was opened in Westport, where it is today and has expanded throughout southern Connecticut into Southport,  Fairfield, Weston,  Wilton, Norwalk, Redding, and New Canaan. While drums have always been Jim’s passion,  a dream was realized of expansion, which clearly needed to include lessons for all instruments:  Guitar, Piano, Drums, , Bass, Percussion, Keyboard and Vibraphone. Along with this, Jim manages to maintain a roster of between 30-40 steady drum students per week with unmatched longevity and loyalty. 

"We must be the luckiest people ever." Jim explains: "To be able to share music ideas with these wonderful, interested and aspiring musicians. - Where can you find better company than that? It's a real privilege for us." 

Jim learned the basics from college professor Ray Alexander, who studied with Henry Adler, who is known as the premier drum teacher of the New York scene for the last 55 years. Mr. Adler is well known in the drumming industry as the teacher who was responsible for assisting musically and professionally - the greatest drummer of ALL times: the world famous - Buddy Rich. - The two collaborated on writing the classic and timeless drum method book "Buddy Rich's Snare Drum Rudiments", which is an integral part of Jim's drum staff’s curriculum. 

There is no substitute for the right fundamental foundation. The students who work with Jim and his staff, know that they have found the "main vein" of learning the music (and for our drummers) it is exciting to know that they can trace their roots back to the great Mr. Buddy Rich himself... 

Adding all instruments / music instruction to the mix was definitely the right step. Being aware of the needs of every music student, and having extensive connections in the music industry, Jim has assembled a staff of the right kind of pupil-oriented instructors able to teach beginners, novices, and experts. The staff instructors truly connect with a student at their level, and provide the right  focus, insight, and attention that makes music lessons have much deeper value and meaning. We keep the pupil’s engaged, inspired and constantly learning: Our guiding principles.

Our students say it best by showing continued loyalty year after year. Some enjoying their musical studies as long as 10 years. 

We confidently say that those who choose our studio are getting it all: Real world playing experience carefully customized to be enjoyable based on the pupil’s needs. Step by step, the students get all of the building blocks that the greatest musicians past and present have acknowledged spurred them on to succeeding with these exciting instruments. With us as coach, the pupil’s are guaranteed to have tons of fun, mixed with the right foundation for playing these unique, exhilarating instruments. We always look forward to getting to know people who want to learn! 

-Westport Music Lessons, -Jimmy Lane and Staff.


Sharing my Passion

I am a strong believer that everyone should be able to have a life of music. That's why I became a teacher. Whether you're a just a beginner or an advanced student needing guidance, let's explore music together!


My Classes

Jimmy Lane Drum teacher information in Westport: I offer private drum lessons, custom fit to your skill level, for drums, or vibraphone.   If you're unsure about which level is appropriate for you, I also offer placement tests!  Jimmy Lane in Westport

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